• Analysis hotel type, technical, and administrative, security and sanitary permissions(haccp – 81 ex 626, etc.).
  • Management software analysis.
  • Web site analysis (the company that created the work and manages maintenance).
  • Business & marketing plan analysis.
  • Business strategy analysis and its pricing by market segment and hotel treatment (bb – hb – fb) – Travel agency contracts- tour operator – ids – gds – cral – companies, etc.
  • Organization analysis (personal list with qualification, and job) and corporate sociogram.
  • Procedures analysis and company standards.
  • Analysis of total revenue divided by operating departments, market segments and distribution channels with the indexes (average revenue, employment rate, revpar) with reference to the current year and their deviations from the previous years and the budget.
  • Costs and total revenues analysis, divided by department, and their deviations from the previous years and the budget.
  • Contracts analysis with all suppliers.
  • Analysis of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance contracts.


  • Business and marketing plan setting.
  • Business strategy setting.
  • Budget setting.
  • Procedures and operational standards setting, divided by departments.


  • Synthetic reports setting (daily reports, monthly analytical) that allow a constant and continuous supervision on the progress of the structure present and future in order to take corrective actions where required disclosures and suitable alignment of what are the results in economic terms set under budget.
  • Daily control of the main courante (charges by department – reliefs purchase and consumption by department).
  • Daily menu checking (choice of dishes based on stocks and seasonality, prices of the sales price based on expected revenues).
  • Suspended control (credits).
  • Suspended control to suppliers (debts).
  • Inventory Control departments end of the month.
  • First notes cash receipt – direction – banks.