Luxury Hotels Management Company Ltd

Hotel Management company that follows all operational activities, organizational, marketing, general and administrative, working in the “Luxury” hotel industry in Europe and Africa.

The company was founded by experienced professionals operating in the “business tourism” for several years and then in possession of necessary know-how to create and develop all kinds of activities consultancy, design, engineering and management as part tourist-national and international hotel. The experience gained in over 30 years working closely with managers more prepared and the continuous study and updating, provide a wealth of knowledge that is made available by the team through personalized services, carefully designed, aimed at optimizing the results shared by catch up.

Management Service

  • Leased property for hotel use (turnkey)
  • Contracts of Hotel Management
  • Corporate business plan
  • Activities of pre-opening
  • Management start up
  • Management control
  • Business mix and identifying target markets
  • Selection and training of staff
  • Training modules, sales techniques
  • Budgeting management
  • Yield management
  • Business
  • Monitoring and analysis of Hospitality Business

Design Service

  • management approach
  • commercial assistance
  • Designing integrated services architecture and communication
  • Support of design processes with research activities
  • Selection of leading companies in diversified sectors
  • Technical and artistic direction in accordance with the specific requirements imposed by the standard international hotel and the sponsor
  • Brand image
  • Material design
  • Fooding design
  • Light design
  • Garden design
  • Furniture design
  • Relax design

Engineering Service

  • Project management
  • Integrated and coordinated design of mechanical and electrical installations
  • structural calculations
  • Drawing up specifications and bill of quantities
  • Completion of the tender, with the evaluation of companies and service allocation
  • formalization of the contract
  • Identification of best architectural solutions and functional according to the technical and administrative constraints
  • Watching the construction and verification of the work completed on time and costs

Consulting Service

  • Technical and economic evaluation of the investment
  • Economic and financial evaluation of the management
  • Feasibility study
  • Planning analysis
  • Technical assistance to the realization of the structure
  • contractual assistance
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Research manager, brand and product identification
  • Rating and selling property
  • Rating and sales company
  • Consulting and programming development of management protocols
  • Selezione del personale
  • Image design
  • Choise PMS
  • Marketing plan
  • quality control
  • Management Control
  • Mistery guest